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given to children for treats after tea

days like this I feel like I've accomplished nothing -
really, I've learned so much. Worthwhile, I say

I think I am losing some of my sensitivity. I am so glad.

celery soup with artisan cheeses and sour cream dollop, crusty bread, nutella and sleepytime tea, my American diet, my soy yoghurt, my soy substitutes of many colours, my fear of too much estrogen, my acknowledgment that you should make art anyway in the comforting glow of the lightstring, my sadly washing chemical hair sludge down the drain. I read a lot about plants and poverty this evening, and am thoroughly pleased with my apple line dreams and cottage tips and tricks

at the moment, I smell too strongly of synthetic passion flowers and want a hand to hold sometimes

this is a photobooth image of me posing and wearing proper clothing to try to convince myself to stop wearing my comfortable robe and other sleep attire and get dressed. Hallo, Fiona, get dressed, you have handkerchiefs with game boards on them to wear after all

I am very pleased that this semester is nearly over, and excited for the new one to begin.
I love my high school. I love many of the people who go there. Really, with all my heart.
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