saturn bloat (midwinter) wrote,
saturn bloat

what will you do when you realize that your body didn't just appear out of thin air from some spirit, that it's made of all the things you've ever fed it and all the air you've ever breathed and all the potions you've ever smeared on it and all the people you've ever held or licked or fucked? will you start putting more thought into all of these things? will you start seeing that all of these things are as holy as your body? will you take more care?

and will you break off some spearmint leaves from my garden and put them on my tongue?

I don't know much but what I do know I will teach you. I don't know much, so we will go out together and learn which herbs help and which herbs kill and what tastes nice with what and what feels good rubbed on your bare skin, and yes, you can map my freckles. yes, I know you want to do that. no, they're not quite like constellations, but yes, they are cute. yes, I'll show you the source of my fox scent - no, it's not a secret. no, it's not even mine. it's about as mine as the hot leafwater I pour down my throat daily and it's old, much older than me and I think the woman I met on Roosevelt Ave. has more of a license on it than I do.

maybe this will all happen when the weather gets warmer
maybe I will sleep better when the weather gets warmer
maybe we'll all love each other more when the weather gets warmer
but maybe we should start today


two songs for people who won't drown:
tom waits
sandy denny and the strawbs

(I have also worn corduroy pants.)
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