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the light along the hills has come, has found you

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saturn bloat
5 February
aging queens, all-night diners, altars, ambiguity, anjelica huston, argyreia nervosa, baba yaga, beth's cafe, bioluminescence, blood on the tracks, borscht, butoh, carl sagan, cassie ainsworth, cat sleep noises, catacombs, catholic ritual, cher, chinook jargon, cowboy bebop, dark hair, david foster wallace, desert, diane arbus, dicentra, dolly parton, domesticism, drag, dreaming cheap, duende, eastern europe, edith piaf, elegiac feelings american, freddie mercury, frida kahlo, ghost stories, gifted program dropouts, gin and tonic, girls with waterproof vocabularies, gnosticism, grigori rasputin, hanford, hayao miyazaki, hearts light as feathers, henri de toulouse-lautrec, herbalism, here is an anywhere, hildegard von bingen, hometowns, idumea, ireland, isabel allende, jeanne d'arc, jewish mysticism, joan baez, john waters, karen armstrong, layman's quantum physics, lemongrass, lichen, long hair, lychees, lynda barry, mandalas, marie laveau, marzipan, medieval music, moab, modest astronomy, moondog, mormons, nazar, neko case, neon, night skies, nightgowns, nondualism, northern exposure, northwestern layering of clothes, o come emmanuel, objectification theory, oscar wilde, paganism, pantheism, pantheons, paper cranes, personal myth structure, plainchant, port townsend, purple ink, queerness, quilts, reality / romanticism, red wine, rich pigments, romantic friendships, rumi's red book, rusalki, san francisco, saudade, sea salt, seattle, sexuality, shishah, shoegaze, shoulder blades, skookum, soft light, solstices, southern gothic, southern idaho, spiderwebs, spoken word, summer nights, syndactyly, tagore's fireflies, taoism, tea tree oil, the canyonlands, the color of glaciers, the maghreb, the many-worlds interpretation, the pacific northwest, the salish sea, the western night, the whore of babylon, theda bara, thin blue flame, tom spanbauer, ukiyo-e, universal sufism, used bookstores, utah, vali myers, visionary road maps, vivian maier, wabi sabi, walking long distances, watercolor and ink, well-loved objects, weltschmerz, wild west bullshit, william s. burroughs, willow pattern china, witches, wonder, wwii, zen, zines, zzzs

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